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We service almost any type/brand of residential and commercial furnace or air conditioning unit.

​Making your home comfortable since 1955.

​At Frank Wille, we understand that when you purchase a new heating or air conditioning unit, BTU's and CFM's are

probably not what you are looking for---You want comfort, reliability, and affordability. We've been making homes in Wichita and the surrounding communities comfortable since 1955 and are a recognized expert in the heating and cooling field. We install and service almost any type/brand of residential and commercial furnace or air conditioning unit.

Wheather you are looking for a new heating or cooling unit, or someone to service your existing equipment, call us at 316-744-2599 for your personal quote from the owner and founder of our company, Frank Wille Sr.

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When making your purchase,

remember that the equipment

alone will not do the job for

you. It takes an experienced 

master to choose the right

equipment for your home.

Frank Wille is a recognized

expert in the heating and

cooling field with satisfied

customers all over the Wichita 

KS area...Read testimonials 

from our satisfied customers...

Helpful HVAC Information

Facts and Common HVAC Terms

​Facts and terms you should know when purchasing new equipment or having your existing heating or air

conditioning unit serviced.

Best Practices to Keep Your Unit Working Properly

Routine maintenance and proper care of your furnace or air conditioner will increase it's life span and reduce

the potential for equipment failure.